Episode 5

How This Black Single Mother Bootstrapped A 7 Figure Textured Hiar Business

Vivian Kaye, she is the founder and CEO of KinkyCurlyYaki. A premium textured hair extension for black women. She is also an eCommerce and Mindset coach and an all-around good person whose struggles have made her stronger. When she understood that society has always wanted us to be unhappy, especially as black women, it was the more, Vivian wanted to be happier. Going through some difficult moments in her life led to her increased confidence and optimism.

Her first business was a wedding décor business because she saw a gap in the market which was inspired by her sister’s wedding poor décor. She describes the inspiration behind her second business KinkyCurlyYaki, which also came from personal experience. Her marketing strategy was using an influencer which made the hair blow up although it was something, she was afraid to  to let people know she was the owner.

Since she had generated half a million dollars in revenue with KinkyCurlyYaki by operating on a part-time basis, she decided to cease the operation Vivian’s Décor to focus more on being a mother and running KinkyCurlyYaki.

She moved to be closer to her family and poured her energy into KinkyCurlyYaki where it certainly paid off. In it’s first full year, KinkyCurlyYaki, made ONE MILLION DOLLARS in sales.

In this interview, we discussed:

  • The difficulties black women go through with getting funding for their businesses.
  • The difference between running a 7-figure business and being a millionaire?
  • Consistent small steps that will get you to the top
  • The importance of niching down 

We also discussed how she has learned to juggle being a mother, a business woman and a coach. The art of gratitude and knowing the power of it something she believes and practices DAILY!

Three things Vivian wishes she knew when she started her businesses:

  • There’s nothing wrong with starting where you are. Just Start!
  • Be more of who you are- your story might be your strength!
  • Look at everything as a lesson!


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