Episode 3

How ‘Slay the Mic Queen’ Jam Gamble Created Her Own Community After Inner Circles of Entrepreneurs Showed Favoritism

Today’s focus is on Jam Gamble, the person behind the Slayer of the Mic brand. She says her brand is not a typical Brand but everything people would associate with her when they see her due to her energy.

She views herself as an educator who went back to study Disability and Inclusion Studies and is now the educator she needed. The huge component of her role focuses on the social and emotional development of all children. She wants to make an impact of love and nurturing in the lives of children by making their childhood enjoyable. She became what she wished she had as a kid.

She fell into the media industry accidentally and ended up having six seasons of a show which she produced herself. She discovered she was a natural with speaking and her voice was unmatched which later led her to become a speaker after showing unafraid stage presence.

Slay the Mic is a program that was born to help people turn their voices into their superpower. She works to turn people into confident speakers. The idea was to tap into the emotions of her clients which didn’t have a huge budget starting. She told her story through social media as part of her marketing strategy and later through testimonials after she started admitting clients. She talks about ‘I’m Not the One’ initiative.

She had to deal with insecurities that stemmed from her childhood and adulthood about her voice and higher energy than everyone else. She had to do a lot of self-reflection to not stop her voice because she knew what she had to say was to impact.

The culture of content vultures that is a disrespect to the original creator. The lack of ethics in the content entrepreneurship world is something that Jam feels should be taken seriously. She is angry that there are people who disregard the work of creators by copycatting and acting like they did not. The disrespect is discouraging her a female entrepreneur and as a black woman.

Every business has its challenges, especially in its starting days. Jam gives two that she found and learned to navigate around:

  • The favoritism that happens in the inner circles of entrepreneurs is what motivated her to cheer for herself without an army behind her. She later created her own community that she had craved in the beginning.
  • She learned to wait for her season– building the business behind the public eye and come out stronger.

She explains why she no longer cares about the fear of missing out and is more concerned about working and making money. She explains the views and opinions she has on pricing her services.

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