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3 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became An Entrepreneur.

Becoming an entrepreneur was NEVER something I aspired to be.

The entrepreneurs I knew of had multi-million dollar corporations whose parents either loaned them money to start or they inherited the business.

The goal for me was to go to school, graduate, get a job with great benefits, pension, vacation, and security.

Security, I laugh at simply typing this.

Most of us were taught that security was a 40 hour per week job. The expectation was you show up, work hard, collect your paycheque, pay your bills, and repeat.

Become An EntrepreneurWhenever I met entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs, I thought they were out of their minds. Why would anyone in their right mind want to become one?

I mean, you didn’t know when you’d be receiving a paycheque!

There are no sick days.

There are no weekends (and I loved my weekends).

When I decided to enter this world, I didn’t plan properly, heck; I didn’t plan at all.

I was naive and hasty.

I was impulsive and arrogant.

I didn’t know enough or worse took the time to understand business and, more importantly, myself thoroughly before I leaped.

I only knew being at a cubicle wasn’t for me.

I was frustrated and unhappy.

I felt unfulfilled.

I wanted to help others.

I wanted to be happy.

I wanted to enjoy my job.

I allowed my ego to determine the decisions I made (some of these decisions would cost me dearly later on).

As I reflect on my journey, here are three things I wish someone told me before I embarked on the journey of being an entrepreneur:

It Is hard to become an entrepreneur!

Being an entrepreneur isn’t a walk in the park. Regardless of what you may see others posting on the gram, this is HARD AF and requires a certain level of resilience.

I won’t even begin to tell you the number of times I’ve hit the floor, cried my eyes out, felt as if I was falling, and let’s not forget the thought of quitting.

My advice to you, find a fellow entrepreneur or an entrepreneur group that can provide emotional and social support. It’ll make a world of difference. They’ll be able to offer guidance on how to navigate this journey.

You will thank me later.

Address Your Issues

Most of us have experienced trauma at some point in our lives; however, we may not have addressed them; instead, we locked them away.

I was no exception to this. For years I struggled emotionally, mentally, and financially until I resolved my issues. This task wasn’t an easy one, but it was mandatory for my success.

If you haven’t addressed your issues, don’t expect to experience success on this journey.

It doesn’t matter how hard you’re working or the connections you’ve made, you need to heal or you’ll forever be a hamster on a wheel.

Entrepreneurship requires mental, emotional, and physical stamina. Those areas need to be strengthened and then do the work and leverage those connections.

Know Who’s In Your Corner

Not everyone around YOU is FOR YOU.

Let me repeat that.

Not everyone around YOU is FOR YOU.

Sometimes the ones closest to you are the last ones to accept and support you. This doesn’t mean they want you to fail; it’s hard for them to see you differently. They may be concerned about how you’ll provide for yourself and your family financially. Their fear may be warranted; however, don’t let them zap your joy or energy. Instead, use their words to fuel your passion.

Getting my parents on board was difficult. At the time, I didn’t understand their lack of support, but I later understood their fears and concerns.

Entrepreneurship is a journey, one where you’re continuously learning and growing, or at least you should be. It’s one of the most challenging and rewarding adventures. One where you continue, because you have this deep passion and desire to be more, to do more, to help more people.

I would love to know what 3 things you wish someone told you before you became an entrepreneur?

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Become An Entrepreneur

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