Episode 4

Meet Alexis Dean: The Woman Behind Dovetail- A Global Women Entrepreneurs Community


Alexis Dean is the founder of the Dovetail Community-women entrepreneurs. This is a community of women entrepreneurs or those that are aspiring and are looking for support. It brings women in person and online where they learn together. They started with an event called a Summit and now have a main summer camp event where they bring women from all over North America together. She started this because as a businesswoman, she wanted to connect with other women who were also doing the same thing she was.

The events consist of running a workshop where people take material from experts from all fields so that they can implement skills in their businesses. They also embrace a community for building connections with other women at camp or online. These events are not for everybody, but for women who own real businesses and can provide real advice and share their journey.

She built her both businesses through reaching out to other people and creating relationships. It was through those relationships that she got her first batch of the Dovetail community. She looked for certain skills from five women whom she knew would bring value, they later connected her to other women and so the community grew. She found the pain points of these women before offering what she could do to help.

Why we need to be comfortable talking about finances especially among women entrepreneurs. Do not allow money to hold you back from doing what you want to do. She built the Dovetail business by starting small but also admits that some factors contributed to her success.

She explains how and why she started her first business and the privilege she had when starting her two businesses. Her community ensures that there are as many women of color involved as possible to as to create fairness and inclusion.

She was looking for corporations who were looking for team building training with her first business. She knew she had to talk to people who could introduce her to people in the HR department whom she could talk to about her services. She marketed her business every chance she got by asking questions on how she could offer help to them.

Her business is lucky today that its no longer going through slow periods but when she started, she had to side hustle to keep the business going. She bartended and did catering where she received both support and criticism. You have to be okay with how things turned out even if it’s not how you predicted them to be.

She explains how she keeps herself in check while still taking care of her wellbeing.

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