About Trudie

Hey there!

Trudie here, certified personal trainer, speaker and podcast host.

Born in Jamaica, currently residing in Toronto, Canada, I find it hard to start my day without a dose of coffee in my system, I mean, life begins after coffee, right?

I love eating healthy foods, but I do not enjoy cooking. On a Friday night, give me a great book and a glass of Moscato wine, and I’m one happy girl!

I started a personal training company, Body Envy, a few years ago, because I wanted to help women who wanted to workout from the comfort of their homes.
To be sincere, I had no darn clue what the heck I was doing!

I had no business, marketing, or advertising background.


I knew NOTHING about starting, let alone running a business!!!

This lack of knowledge has cost me some costly lessons, some of which include countless sleepless nights.

I’ve made friends, lost friends.
I’ve made money, lost money.
I’ve experienced incredible highs and heartbreaking lows.

Somehow, through it all, I kept going. You know that saying, “if you build it, they will come?” I thought that’s what would happen when I started Body Envy.

Honey, I was so wrong!!!

I built it, and no one came.

What came were the bills, because they always seem to be on time!

I had to figure out how to become successful at this entrepreneurial thing because at one point all I had was an expensive hobby, you know the one that costs you much more than you make.

Eventually, I figured out. Believe me, it was not an easy task. On the way to figuring it out, I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression.
I isolated myself from everyone because I needed to work on ME, and oh yeah filed bankruptcy along the way.

Since then, I’ve learned a lot of things, and no doubt, I still have so much more to learn. I am a staunch believer of “reach as you climb,” and that’s my goal for this space. I’ll be sharing with you things I wish I knew before jumping into entrepreneurship (would you believe me if I told you I didn’t have a plan when I started?); the highs and lows in hopes I may be able to help you avoid some of my expensive mistakes.

I hope that by sharing with you, I’ll help you on your journey!

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